J Matzner (c) Jeff Ballard

Matzner Photography specializes in photography that uses available light such as in dance, theater, sports and other special events.

For almost as long as I can remember, I have been taking pictures.

When my mom was out of town, my dad and I set up a darkroom in our bathroom and had fun printing photographs.  My mom would have a fit if she ever found out.  My parents do not have a computer.  If you ever meet my mom, please don’t tell her!

One wedding I had the pleasure of photographing was for an ice dancing couple that was married at an ice rink.  I wore ice skates to photograph the wedding.  The only people not on the ice were the parents who participated from the penalty box.

Even if your event does not need a photographer on ice skates, please consider Matzner Photography for your event.

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